Our Company


BCCE is a full-service experienced technical services provider specializing in communications and various technology solutions based on the most modern techniques.  We have implemented technology based solutions in diverse locations around the world



BCCE Senior Leaders possess over 20 years as a Senior Executive experienced in all aspects of providing construction solutions for residential and commercial clients. We offer a comprehensive line up of services from Design Conceptualization to Project Management.

BCCE doesn’t declare a project completed until the owner is satisfied, our resulting portfolio is only filled with high quality design and build construction edifices. This commitment to customer satisfaction is also the reason why Blue Collar Construction & Engineering is highly recommended by clients resulting in persistent growth.

Senior Leaders successfully directed multiple, acquisition, and construction projects overseas and in the US.  BCCE possesses successful hands-on leadership and managerial experience in the areas of Project Management, Commercial Underground Construction Cable, Network Installation, and IT Management Systems.

BCCE has a proven record of achieving outstanding productivity and efficiency in demanding and complex environments. 

BCCE RMO and RME Senior Leaders are innovative and experienced executives, effective communicators, and team builders with exceptional administrative and organizational ability.


Cooperative Success

 BCCE has a solid presence in the international market, operating in the industrial and technology sectors. We remain committed to fulfilling your business objectives through our adaptability and flexible approach. Our highly skilled technical staff enables us to work alongside you on high profile projects while ensuring complete security and integrity for every managed project.